Saturday, August 21, 2010

On auto insurance and a half know anything about seeking the help of

Traffic Insurance have the sole responsibility and no responsibility Pei Fu Pei Fu
Full responsibility for Pei Fu also one property of 2,000 yuan, 100 yuan but no responsibility property Peifu

Suppose you encounter a car, you are sacrificing the other vehicles, the amount of loss, within the insurance companies out of 2,000 yuan, more than 2000 part of the three risks with your compensation, and then the three risk than some of you out of your own; your own car can to the other cars of 100 yuan compensation, also Jiushi no responsibility do not worry the other side Jiang Mei You pay insurance, as he Meijiao strong Xiantayiding yes illegal on the road, if you Ju loss of more than 100, make your own pocket Ba .

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