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Secret: Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Development Road across eight

January 23, 2011, the time set in this time frame: Construction and Development DPCA baton, from the successful implementation of the "first leap" in the hands of management team to advance the "second leap" in the management team to pass.

January 23, 2003, bearing in mind at this moment of history: Dongfeng and PSA to enhance the level of cooperation, the new company was set up Dragon to Dragon leadership team headed by Liu Weidong collective appearance. Continue to accelerate the development from Dragon.

Time cycle of eight years, when the "Young Marshal" white hair early; year's tree is tall; year's open space has been modernized production line where they stand ... ...

Over the past eight years, is to enhance the level of cooperation DPCA leap-forward development after eight years; is DPCA with the times, the growth in eight years; is DPCA to seize the opportunity to enhance strategic cooperation, the implementation of comprehensive eight years of structural adjustment; is gradually established DPCA sustainable development strategy, Li Zhi Zhuoyuan, pioneering and innovative years. For eight years, annual sales of Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen increased to 100,000 from 370,000, turned nearly tripled; annual sales income increase from 100 billion to 370 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 4 times; annual operating profit by 10 million increase to 33 billion yuan, up 3.3 times; increase production capacity from 150,000 to 450,000, the third plant construction pillow Ge outgoing; products from a single brand extends to two brands, 8 series models, at all levels Car cover all market segments ... ...

Lasted eight years, the company realized the Dragon landmark "first leap." Now the dragon, healthier, more competitive and more dynamic.

January 23, 2011, although this is only a management team to pass the baton to the normal scale, but ask this thinking past, in the past that the ups and downs, the magnificent eight heavy weight, so that this schedule has the heavy responsibility of Relay and Memory !

Scientific planning and sustainable development of the counsel of the road

Once upon a time, "get up early to catch a late set," "were praised," "east spendthrift", the rushing waves of criticism, blame the sound to people bending beneath.

"High starting point, high-volume, professional" construction, investment 100 million yuan, annual sales of just over 50,000, the development of a heavy burden, models a single product, close to insolvent companies ... ... in the midst of confusion, the employees also issued a "future where" the upset.

Experience "Debt" from the long-term loss of the mud just slow on the breath, still struggling with the Dragon hardships, and how to achieve their healthy development? April 2001, to Liu Weidong, general manager of the management team of any access After the development of the baton Dragon. The face of China's "accession" of the pressures and challenges, the face of "poor and white" Dragon, Dragon Company, headed by Liu Weidong management team clearly understand that: "the low level of cooperation, decision-making across the wall ... ... more deadly is the follow-up products, a blank! must be from a strategic solution to deep-seated problems facing the dragon, we must implement the scientific development of new products to solve the source of the problem, otherwise no end of trouble. "

Bureau who seek first to seek potential, and then move the counsel. In the Dragon's motivated by strong, carefully planned and promoted, together with the common will become bigger and stronger, the shareholders of both when he was "the helm" and Foer Zi Miao Wei, close together, Dragon got his wish. November 2001, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Group Company and a strategic cooperation framework agreement. October 2002, the new joint venture contract and articles of association signed a joint venture, the two sides made to increase the registered capital, import the Peugeot brand, set up a technology center, the introduction of shared production platform technology and a series of important decisions. A deeply strategic cooperation formally by the dragon's level of cooperation with Dongfeng Citroen cooperation to cooperation with PSA Peugeot Citroen, also opened the DPCA prelude to the development by leaps and bounds.

January 2003, the new establishment of DPCA. "One company, two brands" management of the new system, the official running the new mechanism, into the Peugeot brand, launched Dongfeng Citroen, Dongfeng Peugeot-branded operations; technology to accelerate the process of localization; 300 000 Engineering II Construction started; technology transfer approach to achieve significant change from the introduction of a single model, changes to the introduction of product platforms, and from the product, technology, capacity, brand building, marketing networks, and other aspects of development problems one by one break of the Dragon.

For a long time, DPCA are the "how to survive today's development" efforts, not too much time and effort to consider "tomorrow." Step by step in the production and management, based on the right track for achieving scientific development, DPCA management team began to rethink the future of the enterprise a clear positioning and scientific planning, and gradually established a clear, systematic and strategic planning for the future.

In 2003, DPCA has established covering quality, industrial, domestic, human resources, information and other important development direction of "the three outline two plans"; 2004, DPCA set up a strategic planning platform, in 2006, set up a strategic planning, comprehensive planning for the future development of the company; July 2006, shareholders of the two sides decided to build the second plant of DPCA, import high-end product line, accelerate structural adjustment, "10-year strategic plan, 6 Commodities program, 3 of the industrial plan "rolling development model has been further confirmed. As a result, the next 5-10 years DPCA products, industrial direction more clear; planning capacity building from 15 million units, 300,000 to 450,000 development, further improve; product line was further optimized, formed from the economy the development of high-end models to the full range of products that pattern. Market competitiveness of enterprises and further enhanced.

The end of 2007, through further refinement, Dragon Company was established to support the top ten sub-strategies for the sustainable development strategy of the company. March 2010, around the strategic objectives and strategic planning, to strengthen the focus on strategic goals, strategic objectives to promote the decomposition and implementation of a formal import DPCA "strategic performance management system", using the concept of Balanced Scorecard and other modern management , means and tools to ensure that the strategic objectives, strategic planning, strategic performance to achieve the organic unity, an orderly way.

September 21, 2010, shareholders of the two sides jointly issued the Interim Development Plan DPCA - "5A" plan for the future development of Dragon build a new blueprint: the next 5 years, DPCA product and service quality to the domestic first-class level ; market share of 5% in 2015, annual sales of 750,000 or more; operating margin of 5% or more, to achieve sustained profitable growth. To ensure that planning objectives carried out, the next 5 years, DPCA will enhance the product planning, and promote rapid growth in market share; enhance industrial capacity, to ensure that advanced technology and quality leadership; enhance brand value, enhance customer satisfaction and market reputation; upgrade operational level, and strengthen the competitiveness of a full range of systems; enhance green strategy, resource saving and environment-friendly practice. New products, new energy, new factories, new markets, new brand, DPCA demonstrated unprecedented development prospects and brilliance.

At this point, a connecting link and the future of scientific development goal of the strategic vision, strategic plan initiatives to promote the panorama of strategic management has been clearly presented in front of people!

Management to enhance the competitiveness of innovation systems

P2 +2, PQ365, platform management, production areas into UEP, marketing promotion of lean management, the implementation of strategic performance management ... ... the past eight years, an innovative management model and a management concept in the DPCA root, sprout, grow .

Innovation is the soul of management. In order to seek a breakthrough in the absorption of foreign advanced management experience of enterprise and parent company, based on the DPCA, led by Liu Weidong with their actual management team, from start innovation and change management, strategic drastic structural adjustment, optimization process, improve management and operational efficiency of enterprises, and gradually establish a management system with its own characteristics.

In the organizational structure, implementation of "one company, two brands," the operating mechanism, establish a "two strong, the middle spirit" of the "dumbbell" structure, namely, marketing and technical research and development, to physical Bones; the procurement and supply , production management, public functions, to strive for excellence. Management model, A management model to promote and implement a long responsibility. At the same time to promote and improve budget management, authorization management and platform management, focus on horizontal coordination and vertical communication. Integrated in new projects and research projects, the implementation of the project responsibility to promote the platform management model to achieve quality, cost, duration aspects to the best results; in the procurement of cost management, advancement and implementation of cost reduction target cost management, from the source from the process, the overall cost reduction; in production, the implementation of the production unit Management (UEP), enhance staff's enthusiasm and creativity, and so on.

Talent is a valuable resource for business development. In human resources management, the implementation of DPCA to establish "foreign competitive equity within the pay plan with a" steady increase employee income level, career scientific planning staff to implement the "three-channel" (managerial, professional technology and workers) management, the growth of talent to break the "ceiling." 360-degree evaluation of cadres, the establishment of the implementation of democracy and open competition for the selection of candidates, employment mechanism; the implementation of strong recruitment, incentives, training programs, to enhance the quality of staff, create a stable and talent, to attract and retain qualified personnel, with good employment environment of enterprise personnel; to establish post position as the center of the wage distribution system efficiency, a reasonable distribution of gaps opened; on related departments to streamline the optimization, job transfer shunt, competition for employment ... ... for enterprise development to build a strong human capital advantage of enterprises and employees to grow. DPCA staff to optimize the structure, labor productivity of enterprises in 2001 from 10.4 / person raised to 33.6 in 2010 / person. Hubei Provincial Government company was also awarded the "demonstration base of talent in Hubei Province."

June 2004, the Chinese automobile market in 2003 experienced a "blowout" type of growth, suddenly worsened, and rolling the cold, shrouded automobile market, disrupting most of the auto manufacturers footing. DPCA sales dropped 13.57 percent, with import Dongfeng Peugeot brand, capacity building inputs, raw materials prices, the company operating performance "worse."

The face of enormous pressure and challenges, DPCA acutely aware of the leadership, cost-competitive automotive industry, the time has come, more and more obvious cost competitiveness, competitiveness of enterprises to become one of the core. To this end, DPCA is to deepen the two-brand marketing on the one hand, a breakthrough marketing bottlenecks; the other hand, cost management will determine the most important task for the operation, launched at the end of 2004 P2 +2 ambitious cost reduction action plan to implement a vigorous full, the whole process, the whole value chain, cost reduction actions. Limited funds will be used wisely, to ensure that new product development, accelerate structural adjustment; optimize the investment, the pursuit of appropriate function, size, put into operation point; product development and engineering design, as far as possible using local resources, the technical cost of control products; advance localization and technology and reduce costs, control of procurement costs. Due to the success of the income and savings to both the effective measures to curb the DPCA stayed strong sales decline, the momentum of decline in operating results, success out of the "haze." More importantly, by vigorously promoting cost management, cost-conscious popular. 2005-2010 DPCA six years down the cost of technology acquisition to achieve 7.46 billion yuan, effectively promoting the company to improve and enhance the quality. "P2 +2" DPCA has become synonymous with cost reduction work.

Quality is the lifeline of enterprise development to survive in the competition, we must continuously improve the quality of their products and services, and meet our best to meet the needs of users. To this end, DPCA further highlight the quality of production and management on the company's important position task.

In 2003, DPCA established and implemented the "Quality Development Program"; 2005, issued the "Quality Manual"; in 2006, established eight categories of quality objectives, quality management of the 8 major areas of management by objectives. In early 2007, DPCA rainy day, aware of the quality of leadership to build the future competition in the automotive sector has a strategic importance, timely start and implement a "quality leadership strategy" to surpass competitors, and build quality within the industry as the leading edge objectives, established the company's mid-term quality planning objectives, and in 2007 as "the leading quality of" full implementation "PQ365" Quality Action Plan.

Thereafter, the Dragon's first annual work of the General Assembly have established the quality of work for the year will be to sum up results, to find enough quality signed Responsibility Award, the quality of the development of major research projects the year, and the formation of practice. After continuous accumulation to deepen and improve, "PQ365" has become the company's quality performance improvement of the main battlefield. Quality of ideas has been firmly established, the majority of employees based on job action by spontaneous interpretation of the "365 days a year, every day, improving quality," the quality of the cultural connotations. Currently, a vehicle off the assembly line DPCA pass rate 90%; B-level defects, such as anchor failure rate has been among the key quality indicators of PSA Group in the forefront; JDpower sales achieved when the service quality survey ranking improved significantly.

2008 in response to the sudden impact of the global financial crisis and challenge, in 2009, the years of DPCA identified as "Lean Management", a comprehensive import promote lean management, and promote continuous improvement in all areas to improve; on this basis , turn in 2010 as the "years of customer satisfaction," further deepen the forward lean management, and pioneering the field of lean management into the production of marketing, R & D and management areas, and to both ends of the value chain - Suppliers and distributors of extension and to promote the quality of the whole value chain and the management level, to improve to improve the common practice. In 2009, the Wuhan branch of a factory assembly workers have improved improvement projects 1068 to enable the production of a car reduces the displacement of more than ten thousand steps to eliminate more than 2,000 extra action, labor productivity increased 23.18%; Xiangfan (Yangyang) plant TU L3 assembly line improvements through lean, interior, exterior, head to the beat-packing reduced by the 165 seconds and 130 seconds, hours were increased production from 21 to 26 copies, with an annual capacity increase of 23.8%, the design production capacity from 12 million copies / year increased to 150,000 copies / year. cheap car insurance

Continuous management innovation so that DPCA ability to adapt to the market to effectively promote, business costs, quality control, operational efficiency continue to be optimized and enhanced the value chain the company to further enhance the operation capability.

Changes in dual-brand marketing take off together

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Car accident insurance does not pay strong set of cards used cars to be formal transfer Panpei

Court that the evidence from the survey can be seen, the vehicle system to apply Wu's license to others, so the vehicle is a compulsory insurance policy is not Wu, compulsory insurance of vehicles, so the traffic accident case caused by strong narrow range loss should not be borne by the defendant insurance companies, and borne by the perpetrators Wu. Since the loss of compulsory insurance excess to pay, the defendant and the plaintiff Wu has reached a compensation agreement, and to fulfill completed. The plaintiff claims are strong narrow limits of 11 million, net of the defendant to pay 9650 yuan Wu separate funeral. Wu then sentence the defendant legally effective in the decision within 30 days after the compensation for the plaintiff in 10 million yuan Xu.

Reminder: to be the formal transfer of used cars

Wu buying used cars, failing to transfer through formal channels, resulting in the loss of 10 million yuan, the lessons are profound. The judge hearing the case cautioned that the purchase of used vehicles to be cautious.

First, we must carefully review the legality of the source of the vehicle, the vehicle the seller is entitled to ownership. If the vehicle is whether the robbery car, borrowed car, rental car. Others have no right to purchase the vehicles for sale, not only can not transfer, but the return of responsibility to bear.

The second is to carefully examine whether the real and effective vehicle clearance. Such as purchase invoices, driving permit, inspection chapter is forged.

The third is to buy used cars in the used car market should be carried out, with old market trade bill, the owner of both proof of identity, driving license, registration card, procedures for transfer.

Fourth, if used cars are for compulsory insurance and the insurance period, it shall notify the insurance company, after the insurance company agreed to change the written form of insurance records. If second-hand car is not for compulsory insurance, compulsory insurance should be handled after the road.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Repeat on whether the car is much more copies of the insurance compensation

Ms Chu readers: I want to repeat the car insurance, ask whether the incident could be more than compensated?

Tianjin, China Insurance Regulatory Commission Authority: In auto insurance, the double insurance is the same car for the same risk, respectively, to two or more insurance companies car insurance. "Insurance Law" states: double insurance, each insurance company the total amount of compensation shall not exceed the insured value. That is, repeat the insurance can only get a compensation. So, do not insure the same car more than the same car insurance.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Auto insurance report the problem!

My car in July before Shanghao paint has been scratched (I had scratch insurance guarantee), I immediately went to report their feelings if the repair will be misunderstood, so July is designated, the most recent report to go 4S shop , but I have a question to be asked each Ms report when I was zoned in, how can I answer? Is honest and told her in July program, or to say it was recently zoned for? I am worried that something wrong will cause unnecessary trouble, invited friends to a similar experience points. Thanks.

The easiest way is to
Zhao 4s shops to sell your car, or co auto repair factory, the car to them, all without your control, they give you to get!
If there is no auto repair factory, to their practice, it gives you the best advice: do not look at your new ~ new scratch
1 new: to report on the line, said yesterday, were set. Do not fear time is short, because you will not scratch the first time with the same insurance company will carefully check your scratch is not the same as before, not accusing you of course will not let you there Pianbao possible.
2 old: you can follow the traces of the original scratch, using thick wire (hard) things like re-program time, to cover their old scratch Oh, to report, said yesterday the plan (it is mainly marks to the new)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Car insurance management staff and public assessment to accompany teachers

I love the automotive industry, wanted to do the work, but nothing a few questions if you would not understand
1, woman can do car companies estimate a model?
2 car insurance management division to accompany staff and assessors are the same?
3 What's own terms? Such as age, diploma?
4 is a unified certificate?
5 of the original car can not learn to learn? Can study it?
Which friends to help fully informed. Thank you, may increase high score.

1. Adjusters division are no age limits
2. Auto insurance claims specialist and the public should be said that the use of teacher assessment of knowledge is not much difference, just a different affiliated companies, one insurance company, while the other is the consolidation of special formula
3. The general public as long as the high school division assessment, they can obtain registration
4. Is a national nature of the certificate, under the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, at least 2 times a year
5. Public estimate is not teachers with professional car has nothing to do, in fact, there are different divisions of public assessment of branches, there is another direction, such as estimates and other public property.

Car insurance advice "car damage insurance coverage" and "excluding deductible" problem

Car insurance, various insurance companies is about to expire telephone call from N-day. . . Found that not one company's offer is not the same vehicle was later found in a previous loss of insurance,

Some of the insured amount is 139,800 (that new car purchase price) Some 131 800 (the current market price) There are 125 800 so the premiums are not the same relative

Ask us a standard amount of insurance Che Sunxian you should be the number?

There is "excluding deductible" in the end is valid and does this mean?

You say Che Sunxian mainly to see the amount of insurance you car's example, if your car is 20 million, you buy Che Sunxian full of 20 million, to buy more just to waste their money, compensation point will be no more, so what is your on how much to buy, if you buy less, such as buying a 100 000, then when you take a 2000 car accident out faster car repair, then the insurance company only to you 1,000 yuan, it is proposed to buy the full (not over)
Excluding deductible: simply means that you bought this insurance, the insurance company will give you all the. If you do not buy this or that there will be deductible, compensation will get less, that are complex, the proposed purchase, excluding deductible, as car repair in the context of how much money the insurance, the insurance company will pay how much (in the agreement does not violate other policies where the absolute deductible)

On auto insurance and a half know anything about seeking the help of

Traffic Insurance have the sole responsibility and no responsibility Pei Fu Pei Fu
Full responsibility for Pei Fu also one property of 2,000 yuan, 100 yuan but no responsibility property Peifu

Suppose you encounter a car, you are sacrificing the other vehicles, the amount of loss, within the insurance companies out of 2,000 yuan, more than 2000 part of the three risks with your compensation, and then the three risk than some of you out of your own; your own car can to the other cars of 100 yuan compensation, also Jiushi no responsibility do not worry the other side Jiang Mei You pay insurance, as he Meijiao strong Xiantayiding yes illegal on the road, if you Ju loss of more than 100, make your own pocket Ba .