Saturday, August 21, 2010

Car insurance advice "car damage insurance coverage" and "excluding deductible" problem

Car insurance, various insurance companies is about to expire telephone call from N-day. . . Found that not one company's offer is not the same vehicle was later found in a previous loss of insurance,

Some of the insured amount is 139,800 (that new car purchase price) Some 131 800 (the current market price) There are 125 800 so the premiums are not the same relative

Ask us a standard amount of insurance Che Sunxian you should be the number?

There is "excluding deductible" in the end is valid and does this mean?

You say Che Sunxian mainly to see the amount of insurance you car's example, if your car is 20 million, you buy Che Sunxian full of 20 million, to buy more just to waste their money, compensation point will be no more, so what is your on how much to buy, if you buy less, such as buying a 100 000, then when you take a 2000 car accident out faster car repair, then the insurance company only to you 1,000 yuan, it is proposed to buy the full (not over)
Excluding deductible: simply means that you bought this insurance, the insurance company will give you all the. If you do not buy this or that there will be deductible, compensation will get less, that are complex, the proposed purchase, excluding deductible, as car repair in the context of how much money the insurance, the insurance company will pay how much (in the agreement does not violate other policies where the absolute deductible)

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