Saturday, August 21, 2010

Legal grounds to accompany car insurance

I am a driver, in November 2009 mid-night when my car was parked many scratches, the next morning reported that insurance, at the photo shoot, I go out care insurance, repair shop personnel to help handle specified. I am repairing a car after car fixed advance money.
After several phone calls to the insurance company was asked to car repair money management, insurance companies say will be one vehicle to the bank called to tell, because no matter the company is busy busy. A few days ago I asked the matter to the insurance company called the insurance company say my policy be canceled, (no phone informed me) because I did not scratch protection insurance, (I guarantee that all risks, 2W more ), followed by insurance companies and find me, call me the original insurance policy are scratches.
I would like to ask if I want to go back through the courts I should get insurance money, I should be prepared to what, (what evidence may be I did not), for several months now, I still win you.
Insurance companies do, or I do,

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