Saturday, August 21, 2010

Car insurance management staff and public assessment to accompany teachers

I love the automotive industry, wanted to do the work, but nothing a few questions if you would not understand
1, woman can do car companies estimate a model?
2 car insurance management division to accompany staff and assessors are the same?
3 What's own terms? Such as age, diploma?
4 is a unified certificate?
5 of the original car can not learn to learn? Can study it?
Which friends to help fully informed. Thank you, may increase high score.

1. Adjusters division are no age limits
2. Auto insurance claims specialist and the public should be said that the use of teacher assessment of knowledge is not much difference, just a different affiliated companies, one insurance company, while the other is the consolidation of special formula
3. The general public as long as the high school division assessment, they can obtain registration
4. Is a national nature of the certificate, under the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, at least 2 times a year
5. Public estimate is not teachers with professional car has nothing to do, in fact, there are different divisions of public assessment of branches, there is another direction, such as estimates and other public property.

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