Sunday, December 12, 2010

Car accident insurance does not pay strong set of cards used cars to be formal transfer Panpei

Court that the evidence from the survey can be seen, the vehicle system to apply Wu's license to others, so the vehicle is a compulsory insurance policy is not Wu, compulsory insurance of vehicles, so the traffic accident case caused by strong narrow range loss should not be borne by the defendant insurance companies, and borne by the perpetrators Wu. Since the loss of compulsory insurance excess to pay, the defendant and the plaintiff Wu has reached a compensation agreement, and to fulfill completed. The plaintiff claims are strong narrow limits of 11 million, net of the defendant to pay 9650 yuan Wu separate funeral. Wu then sentence the defendant legally effective in the decision within 30 days after the compensation for the plaintiff in 10 million yuan Xu.

Reminder: to be the formal transfer of used cars

Wu buying used cars, failing to transfer through formal channels, resulting in the loss of 10 million yuan, the lessons are profound. The judge hearing the case cautioned that the purchase of used vehicles to be cautious.

First, we must carefully review the legality of the source of the vehicle, the vehicle the seller is entitled to ownership. If the vehicle is whether the robbery car, borrowed car, rental car. Others have no right to purchase the vehicles for sale, not only can not transfer, but the return of responsibility to bear.

The second is to carefully examine whether the real and effective vehicle clearance. Such as purchase invoices, driving permit, inspection chapter is forged.

The third is to buy used cars in the used car market should be carried out, with old market trade bill, the owner of both proof of identity, driving license, registration card, procedures for transfer.

Fourth, if used cars are for compulsory insurance and the insurance period, it shall notify the insurance company, after the insurance company agreed to change the written form of insurance records. If second-hand car is not for compulsory insurance, compulsory insurance should be handled after the road.