Sunday, August 22, 2010

Auto insurance report the problem!

My car in July before Shanghao paint has been scratched (I had scratch insurance guarantee), I immediately went to report their feelings if the repair will be misunderstood, so July is designated, the most recent report to go 4S shop , but I have a question to be asked each Ms report when I was zoned in, how can I answer? Is honest and told her in July program, or to say it was recently zoned for? I am worried that something wrong will cause unnecessary trouble, invited friends to a similar experience points. Thanks.

The easiest way is to
Zhao 4s shops to sell your car, or co auto repair factory, the car to them, all without your control, they give you to get!
If there is no auto repair factory, to their practice, it gives you the best advice: do not look at your new ~ new scratch
1 new: to report on the line, said yesterday, were set. Do not fear time is short, because you will not scratch the first time with the same insurance company will carefully check your scratch is not the same as before, not accusing you of course will not let you there Pianbao possible.
2 old: you can follow the traces of the original scratch, using thick wire (hard) things like re-program time, to cover their old scratch Oh, to report, said yesterday the plan (it is mainly marks to the new)

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