Sunday, December 12, 2010

Car accident insurance does not pay strong set of cards used cars to be formal transfer Panpei

Court that the evidence from the survey can be seen, the vehicle system to apply Wu's license to others, so the vehicle is a compulsory insurance policy is not Wu, compulsory insurance of vehicles, so the traffic accident case caused by strong narrow range loss should not be borne by the defendant insurance companies, and borne by the perpetrators Wu. Since the loss of compulsory insurance excess to pay, the defendant and the plaintiff Wu has reached a compensation agreement, and to fulfill completed. The plaintiff claims are strong narrow limits of 11 million, net of the defendant to pay 9650 yuan Wu separate funeral. Wu then sentence the defendant legally effective in the decision within 30 days after the compensation for the plaintiff in 10 million yuan Xu.

Reminder: to be the formal transfer of used cars

Wu buying used cars, failing to transfer through formal channels, resulting in the loss of 10 million yuan, the lessons are profound. The judge hearing the case cautioned that the purchase of used vehicles to be cautious.

First, we must carefully review the legality of the source of the vehicle, the vehicle the seller is entitled to ownership. If the vehicle is whether the robbery car, borrowed car, rental car. Others have no right to purchase the vehicles for sale, not only can not transfer, but the return of responsibility to bear.

The second is to carefully examine whether the real and effective vehicle clearance. Such as purchase invoices, driving permit, inspection chapter is forged.

The third is to buy used cars in the used car market should be carried out, with old market trade bill, the owner of both proof of identity, driving license, registration card, procedures for transfer.

Fourth, if used cars are for compulsory insurance and the insurance period, it shall notify the insurance company, after the insurance company agreed to change the written form of insurance records. If second-hand car is not for compulsory insurance, compulsory insurance should be handled after the road.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Repeat on whether the car is much more copies of the insurance compensation

Ms Chu readers: I want to repeat the car insurance, ask whether the incident could be more than compensated?

Tianjin, China Insurance Regulatory Commission Authority: In auto insurance, the double insurance is the same car for the same risk, respectively, to two or more insurance companies car insurance. "Insurance Law" states: double insurance, each insurance company the total amount of compensation shall not exceed the insured value. That is, repeat the insurance can only get a compensation. So, do not insure the same car more than the same car insurance.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Auto insurance report the problem!

My car in July before Shanghao paint has been scratched (I had scratch insurance guarantee), I immediately went to report their feelings if the repair will be misunderstood, so July is designated, the most recent report to go 4S shop , but I have a question to be asked each Ms report when I was zoned in, how can I answer? Is honest and told her in July program, or to say it was recently zoned for? I am worried that something wrong will cause unnecessary trouble, invited friends to a similar experience points. Thanks.

The easiest way is to
Zhao 4s shops to sell your car, or co auto repair factory, the car to them, all without your control, they give you to get!
If there is no auto repair factory, to their practice, it gives you the best advice: do not look at your new ~ new scratch
1 new: to report on the line, said yesterday, were set. Do not fear time is short, because you will not scratch the first time with the same insurance company will carefully check your scratch is not the same as before, not accusing you of course will not let you there Pianbao possible.
2 old: you can follow the traces of the original scratch, using thick wire (hard) things like re-program time, to cover their old scratch Oh, to report, said yesterday the plan (it is mainly marks to the new)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Car insurance management staff and public assessment to accompany teachers

I love the automotive industry, wanted to do the work, but nothing a few questions if you would not understand
1, woman can do car companies estimate a model?
2 car insurance management division to accompany staff and assessors are the same?
3 What's own terms? Such as age, diploma?
4 is a unified certificate?
5 of the original car can not learn to learn? Can study it?
Which friends to help fully informed. Thank you, may increase high score.

1. Adjusters division are no age limits
2. Auto insurance claims specialist and the public should be said that the use of teacher assessment of knowledge is not much difference, just a different affiliated companies, one insurance company, while the other is the consolidation of special formula
3. The general public as long as the high school division assessment, they can obtain registration
4. Is a national nature of the certificate, under the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, at least 2 times a year
5. Public estimate is not teachers with professional car has nothing to do, in fact, there are different divisions of public assessment of branches, there is another direction, such as estimates and other public property.

Car insurance advice "car damage insurance coverage" and "excluding deductible" problem

Car insurance, various insurance companies is about to expire telephone call from N-day. . . Found that not one company's offer is not the same vehicle was later found in a previous loss of insurance,

Some of the insured amount is 139,800 (that new car purchase price) Some 131 800 (the current market price) There are 125 800 so the premiums are not the same relative

Ask us a standard amount of insurance Che Sunxian you should be the number?

There is "excluding deductible" in the end is valid and does this mean?

You say Che Sunxian mainly to see the amount of insurance you car's example, if your car is 20 million, you buy Che Sunxian full of 20 million, to buy more just to waste their money, compensation point will be no more, so what is your on how much to buy, if you buy less, such as buying a 100 000, then when you take a 2000 car accident out faster car repair, then the insurance company only to you 1,000 yuan, it is proposed to buy the full (not over)
Excluding deductible: simply means that you bought this insurance, the insurance company will give you all the. If you do not buy this or that there will be deductible, compensation will get less, that are complex, the proposed purchase, excluding deductible, as car repair in the context of how much money the insurance, the insurance company will pay how much (in the agreement does not violate other policies where the absolute deductible)

On auto insurance and a half know anything about seeking the help of

Traffic Insurance have the sole responsibility and no responsibility Pei Fu Pei Fu
Full responsibility for Pei Fu also one property of 2,000 yuan, 100 yuan but no responsibility property Peifu

Suppose you encounter a car, you are sacrificing the other vehicles, the amount of loss, within the insurance companies out of 2,000 yuan, more than 2000 part of the three risks with your compensation, and then the three risk than some of you out of your own; your own car can to the other cars of 100 yuan compensation, also Jiushi no responsibility do not worry the other side Jiang Mei You pay insurance, as he Meijiao strong Xiantayiding yes illegal on the road, if you Ju loss of more than 100, make your own pocket Ba .

Legal grounds to accompany car insurance

I am a driver, in November 2009 mid-night when my car was parked many scratches, the next morning reported that insurance, at the photo shoot, I go out care insurance, repair shop personnel to help handle specified. I am repairing a car after car fixed advance money.
After several phone calls to the insurance company was asked to car repair money management, insurance companies say will be one vehicle to the bank called to tell, because no matter the company is busy busy. A few days ago I asked the matter to the insurance company called the insurance company say my policy be canceled, (no phone informed me) because I did not scratch protection insurance, (I guarantee that all risks, 2W more ), followed by insurance companies and find me, call me the original insurance policy are scratches.
I would like to ask if I want to go back through the courts I should get insurance money, I should be prepared to what, (what evidence may be I did not), for several months now, I still win you.
Insurance companies do, or I do,